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Success starts with solid engineering.

We embrace the opportunity to provide field-focused quality solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Try us.


Our approach starts with strong engineering teams of appropriate experience for effective solutions, followed by quality engineering deliverables and attention to detail in project execution. Our strength combines plant and process expertise in facilities and pipelines with the extensive operational expertise of many of our staff members.

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We’re awesome at capital projects up to $20 MM TIC. This means everything from cradle to grave, including engineering, design, project management, project services, construction management, operations support, and as-building.

Overpressure Protection

OPP is your last line of defense against possible pressure equipment failure. It serves to protect equipment, prevent unsafe operations, prevent production loss, and ensure your people get home safely.

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Well Pads

Well pads aren’t complicated, but each one is unique. We have the creativity and sand management and operational expertise to design the optimal solution for your well pad. You could say we're... well-positioned (pun).


We decided to take engineering to the next level. Computational fluid dynamics is process engineering on steroids, where innovations and ideas can be tested in days rather than weeks or months. We can simulate multi-phase flows, slurries and mixtures, supercritical fluids, porous media, granular transport, and more.

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Power Generation

Power generation is a great way to optimize your assets in a tough marketplace. With on-site power generation, even when gas prices are down and power prices are up, you will see your costs go down and your profits go up. Who doesn't like that?

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Our Seminars

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Overpressure Protection

Do you know that a surprising percentage of pressure safety valves and pressure protection systems are deficient? This could lead to equipment failure, production loss, or harm to field personnel. We want to help protect your people and your assets. Learn about process safety management and how it applies to your facilities at these introductory seminars.

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screw compressor

Compression-Centered Process Optimization

Optimizing compression in a process system involves more than simply sizing different components of the compressor. Learn the basics of compression and how process and compression affect each other - as well the efficiency of the entire facility - at one of our upcoming seminars.

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